Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Naison

Naison turned 3 this year and his friends Jack and Noah turned 4 the day before him so we did a combined birthday party since we have a lot of the same friends. We had the party at Pump It Up and it was the best idea ever. I made cupcakes and we ordered pizza and they took care of the rest.
Here is a pic of the whole party. It was tough getting that picture.

The boys got to wear and take home blow up crowns, which is still a hit around our house.

All the kids jumped in rooms filled with bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and ball pits for the first part of the party. They had the best time!

After the kids jumped for a while they went into the party room and ate pizza and had cake. This was my favorite birthday party so far because it was easy and the kids LOVED it! It was an extra special birthday this year because our cousin Kambiz and Mama Shahnaz were in town for the party. Thanks to Kambiz for the pictures!


We had a few Halloween events this year. We went to the Aviano (my neighborhood) Halloween party, a kids block party in our neighborhood, and went trick-or-treating at my friend Stephanie's house.
The Aviano "Boo Bash" was the weekend before Halloween and the Boys and Girls club also sponsors it so my brother Jake was there because he works/volunteers there. Courtney and Anthony, Kirsten and Kaylynn, and Shelli Glenn all came to play/help with the kiddos. There were bounce houses, sno cones, games, music, and of course candy. The kids had a blast!

On Halloween night the neighbors behind us put together a block party for the kids. We all brought a dish to share and the kids got to show off their Halloween costumes. Our cousin Kambiz happened to be visiting and got a great family picture.

After the block party we headed to our friend Stephanie and Jason's house to trick-or-treat. I thought our neighborhood was busy last year...we went through at least 12 bags of candy this year. Her neighborhood was very popular!

Just for comparing is Nais in the turtle costume 1 and 2 years ago and then Kian in it this year. (2010-Nais, 2011-Nais, 2012-Kian)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Check up time

Kian had his 15 month check up and Nais had his 3 year check up right around the same time so I will combine them....Here are there stats:

Kian was 29.2lbs-94th%, 34.5 in-100%....just to compare Nais at 15months was 26lbs-73%, 32in-75%.
So, both of the boys were growing nicely, just Kian is a little bigger at this stage. He is so super cute these days. He runs really fast and his whole face shakes when he does. He is starting to say a few words. His favorite words are apple, bubble, papa, please, no, and mama. I feel like he is growing up faster than Naison did. Every day he is doing something new.
Here is Kian at 15 months.

Here is Naison at 15 months and Kian at 15 months:

Naison at 3 years was 34lbs- 60th%, 37in-50th%. So Naison has slowed his growing down a touch but he is very healthy and happy. I do see why they say the 3's are worse than the 2's though. He can throw some temper tantrums for sure. He is very sweet most of the time though. He loves to read, play outside, and eat popsicles. He is totally potty trained, which is so nice not to be changing all those diapers.
Here is Nais at 3 years.

I love, love, love my boys so much!

San Francisco 1/2 Marathon

My friend Shelli and I went to San Francisco in October for the Nike women's 1/2 marathon. There were 25,000 people there running either the full or half marathon. It was such a great experience. We met a few of our other friends there that were running the full.
We got a little sick after running because I think we were dehydrated but other than that we had an amazing trip. The course was very different form anything we have in AZ, so it was really nice to run. This was the first trip away from my kiddos since they have been born! A huge thanks goes out to my amazing husband who watched the kids the whole time I was gone. I love you Vafa!!!!
Here are a few pics of Shelli and I before the race.

Here is the whole crew that went from our group of friends from AZ.

Here I am with my Tiffany's finisher necklace and one with me and Shelli after the race...we were freezing cold!

Here we are celebrating the night after the race at dinner! We had such a great time and we all finished our race!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bieber Fever

Let's face it...I love Justin Bieber...and so does my brother. I took Jake to see him in concert for his 16th birthday! Kirst and Shells bells came along too (like I had to force them :-)) We had so much fun until he started barfing on stage..then it got awkward. All the girls were freaking out and least they weren't screaming at that point. I guess 18 year olds make bad decisions like drinking milk and eating nachos before going on stage in front of thousands of people. Despite the vomiting, we still had a great time and he put on a pretty darn good show. I still kinda feel bad for him but I'm sure he's over it. Until next time Biebs.

Oh and  a couple of my friends played a prank on my house the night before the concert. LOL!

Cabin time

We went up to Pine and stayed at the Zimmerman's cabin, which is amazing! Thanks for letting us stay there Carolyn! We had such a great time. The Sylvia family came with us and the weather was so much nicer than Phoenix.

We did lots of fun kids stuff during the day! We went on hikes, played on playgrounds and walked by the water. We even had a nature session from Vafa. 

The cabin was so nice and we can't wait to go back to get out of this heat...yes it is still 85-90 degrees in November. Some photo credit needs to go to Kirsten Sylvia...thanks GURL!

My favorite photo of all:

Love to all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Garza Family visits

Vafa's dad and sister and family visited at the end of August and we had a blast! We went to stroller strides, swam in the pool, went out for dinner, went for special ice cream trips, and played at the mall on the toys!

I'm so glad all the boys got to play together and have lots of family time. We love our G family!!! I wish they all lived closer so the boys could hang more often. Love you Valeh, Leo, Alex, and Baba Iraj. Thanks for coming to visit. We can't wait to see you guys again soon!